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Statement of Mission

Carl Jung frequently argued against taking a narrow, intellectual, and scientific standpoint to the psyche, insisting that “everything about this psychology is, in the deepest sense, experience; the entire theory, even where it puts on the most abstract airs, is the direct outcome of something experienced” (CW 7, para. 199).

The JSSS grounds theory in experience while also pursuing conceptual clarity. To achieve these goals, the organization provides opportunities to share knowledge in the arts, culture, the sciences, and clinical experience—all through multiple and trans-disciplinary perspectives and methodologies. The Society’s support for diverse ways of knowing the psyche guides the design of its yearly conferences of Jungian, post- and neo-Jungian scholars who embody the experiential premise of Jung’s psychology. It also manifests in the open access peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies , hosted by the University of Alberta, and home of some of the best Jungian writing on contemporary issues.

The JSSS’s inclusive approach fosters a community that is curious and nurturing, challenging and supportive. Collectively we question orthodoxy and welcome the intellectually daring in our mission to be open to “everything that the psyche actually contains” (CW 7, para. 201). 

The Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies Incorporated ByLaws

The purpose of this Jungian Society is exclusively nonprofit and educational and is to promote the interdisciplinary study of the ideas of C. G. Jung and post-Jungians in the arts, sciences, and culture. Read More.

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