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The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.-- Carl Jung


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One day registration is not available to presenters. The purpose of this policy is for attendees to attend one another’s presentations so that the conference will contribute to Jungian discourse and community.

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Earth/Psyche: Foregrounding the Earth’s Relations to Psyche

Provisional Program March 1

Sunday, June 26th

Registration: Portal outside New Mexico Room

6:00-7:00  Evening Plenary Session in the New Mexico Room

7:00-9:00 Susan Rowland Earthing the Web: The Digital Literary Art of Earth/Psyche with Joel Weishaus, Joel Weishaus and Friends Poems

Monday, June 27th

Registration: Portal outside New Mexico Room

7:00-8:00  New Mexico Room

8:00-8:05 Announcements

8:05-8:20 Inez Martinez Foregrounding the Earth’s Relations to Psyche

8:20-10:00 Concurrent Sessions

New Mexico Room Living Myths

8:20-8:40 Sukey Fontelieu, The Great God Pan is Dead, But Psyche has Survived  
8:40-9:00 Jennifer Degnan Smith, The Earth as Psyche’s Alchemist and Amnesiac: Jung’s use of the Myth of Theseus and Peirithoos  
9:00-9:20 Jeffrey Kiehl, Joining Heaven and Earth: A Jungian Perspective on Our Changing Planet  
9:20-9:40 Paul Golding, Achilles at the forefront of the boy crisis  
9:40-10:00 Discussion  

Santa Fe Room Power of Image

8:20-8:40 Robin Barre, Crocodile Mandala Continued: Exploring Relational Animated Symbols
8:40-9:00 Joanna Capelin, The Rhizome: Exploring a Jungian Symbol for Psychoid Reality  
9:00-9:20 Amanda Green, To Boldly Envision: How Archetypal Images of the Earth in Science Fiction Work On us, Against Us, and For Us  
9:20-9:40 Nadezda Fadina, Liminality and Representations of Earth in Cinematic Fairytales of Slavic Cultures  
9:40-10:00 Discussion  

Stiha Room Earth and Art

8:20-8:40 Geneen Marie Haugen, Awakening Planetary Imagination 
8:40-9:00 Margaret Blanchard, Earth Inspired Creativity 
9:00-9:20 Sowbel, Earth Inspired Creativity 
9:20-9:40 Gabrielle Milanich, ‘It legends itself, deep’: Image Alive and the Terraphoto Lens, a Praxis 
9:40-10:00 Discussion 

10:00-10:20 Break

10:20-12:00 New Mexico Room Conceiving Nature

10:20-10:40 Gustavo Beck, Before the Catastrophe: Reflections on Animal Monstrosity, Monstrous Animality, and Human Failure in the Face of Global Warming
10:40-11:00 Leland Guthrie, Chiasm and Communion: Jungian Phenomenology
11:00-11:20 Raymond Hillis, The Transcendent Function in Relation with the Natural World
11:20-11:40 Scot Deily and Cory Wright, The Four Shields: A Map for Interacting with Growth and Decay in Ourselves and Nature
11:40-12:00 Discussion

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Workshops

Santa Fe Room Marta Koonz, Differentiating the Wheel: Connecting to Earth Through the Four Shields Medicine Wheel and Jung’s Psychological Types
Stiha Room Lee Weiser, Earth Mandalas: The Squaring of the Circle

2:30-3:00 Round Tables in the Santa Fe Room (two 15 minute sessions at each table)

Table 1 William Farrar, The Earth: Root Metaphor of the Spherical Mandala
Table 2 Lorraine Levy, The Song of Songs as the Sacred Bonding in Psyche/Earth
Table 3 James Liter, Placetending and Ecological Individuation: Engaging the Jungian Structures of the Earth-Psyche Relationship through the Experience of Place
Table 4 Michael Paul Lukie, An analysis of the projective dynamics involved within the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Crimea
Table 5 Sarah Norton, Jung as a Modern Polar Explorer: Ice in the Red Book

2:30-3:00 Workshop in the Stiha Room

Juliet Rohde-Brown, The Image of the Desert: An Experiential Workshop

3:00-3:30 Round Tables in the Santa Fe Room (two 15 minute sessions at each table)

Table 1 Daphne Dodson, Nature as Mirror: The Absurd Audacity of Attending to the Wisdom of the Non-human World
Table 2 Jacqueline Dziak, Children’s literature exploring the complex nature bond: The case of The Giving Tree
Table 3 Kalinda Wiebe, [Scapegoating Wolves]
Table 4 Lisa Schouw, Jungian Psychology and Theater Making: Collaborators in the Transformational Healing of Earth and Psyche
Table 5 Linda Marshall, The Creative Unconscious As Healer of the Earth: A Personal Journey With the Archetypal Energies of Anima and Animus

3:00-3:30 Round Tables in the Stiha Room (two 15 minute sessions at each table)

Table 1 Silvia Eleftheriou, Meeting with the Mother and the Necessity of Creative Expression
Table 2 Themis De la Pena Wing, Education Without Edges: the Art of Re-membering our Connectedness to Earth
Table 3 Barie Wolf-Bowen, The New “Great Work”: Using Jungian Psychology in Social Service to Heal Our Psyches and the Earth

3:30-3:45 Break

3:45-5:50 Concurrent Sessions

New Mexico Room Therapeutic Applications

3:45-4:05 Barbara Holifield, Psyche Within the Matrix of the Natural World: Restoration, Sustainability and Emergence
4:05-4:25 Rebecca Peterson, As We Treat Our Dreams So We Treat Earth
4:25-4:45 Jane Shaw, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as a Route to Body-Psyche-Earth Consciousness
4:45-5:05 Vicky Jo Varner, Peering at Our Ecology Myth through the Lens of Psychological Types and Generating Some Recommendations Therefrom
5:05-5:25 Yvonne Nelson-Reid, Adolescent Suicide: A Jungian Perspective Exploring the Earth/Psyche Connection
5:25-5:50 Discussion

Santa Fe Room Considerations Concerning the Feminine

3:45-4:05 Nusa Maal, Mommy-Tree: Reconnecting Children, Mother, and Earth through Ecopsychological Archetypally Revisioning Active Imagination
4:05-4:25 Peggy Voth, Eve’s Gift to Us, Adam’s Gift to Eve
4:25-4:45 Konoyu Nakamara, ‘Sailor Moon’: The Moon as Healing Power for the Earth
4:45-5:05 Discussion

5:50-7:00 Dinner

7:00-9:00Evening Keynote in the New Mexico Room

Dominion and Reciprocity: The Indigenous Mind and the Western Mind -- What Is Reality and What Difference Does It Make?

7:00-7:05 Introduction to Panel: Moderator, Susan Rowland

7:05-7:30 Jerome Bernstein

7:30-7:55 Christophe Le Mouél

7:55-8:20 Gregory Cajete

8:20-8:40 Leroy Little Bear

8:40-9:00 Discussion

Tuesday, June 28th

8:15-8:25 Announcements in the New Mexico Room

8:25-8:55 Round Tables in the Santa Fe Room

Table 1 Jonathan Vaughn, Destinies of Earth: The American Indian Image and the Modern American Psyche as a Means to Survive the Age of Climate Change
Table 2 Susan Grelock, Art & Animals: Psyche as a Voice for Animal Conservation
Table 3 Jessica Parker, Mind, Earth and Radiation: A Jungian Exploration of Nuclear Restoration of the Planet
Table 4 Petra S. Otero, Grounded to the Earth: Beyond Classroom Walls
Table 5 Jacqueline O’Connor, Restoring the Earth, Renewing the Soul: Metaphoric Similarities in Landscape Renovation and Jungian Alchemical Transformation

8:25-8:55 Round Tables in the Stiha Room

Table 1 Ipek S. Burnett and Roxanne Partridge, Lament of the Earth: Listening to Earth’s Subtle Body through the Ancestors
Table 2 Isabelle De Armond, Journeying: Internal and External Landscapes
Table 3 April Heaslip, Shall We Dance? Psyche/Earth as Shakti/Shiva Collaboration in Post-Jungian Ecofeminism

9:00-10:15 New Mexico Room Earth Relating to Psyche: Salt, Estuary, and Breath

9:00-9:20 Susan Courtney, Salt Consciousness
9:20-9:40 Mary Bencivengo, A Jungian Study of the Estuary: As Active Alchemical Earth, Psychoid Phenomena, and in Conjunction with Human Psyche
9:40-10:00 Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, Foregrounding Psyche as Breath in the Earth as Carbon: How Trees and Rhizomes Keep us Rooted in the Earth
10:00-10:15 Discussion

10:15-10:35 Break

10:35-11:50 New Mexico Room American Southwest

10:35-10:55 Jay Sherry, Jung’s 1925 Visit to the Southwest Revisited
10:55-11:15 David G Barton, Psyche, Santa Fe, and the Earth
11:15-11:35 Aaron Mason, Home-Baked Mud Pies: Touching the Substance vs. the consciousness of Earth through Northern New Mexico
11:35-11:50 Discussion

11:50-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:40 Plenary Speaker in the New Mexico Room

1:00-1:30 Alexandra Fidyk , Re-conceptualizing Research with Psyche

1:30-1:40 Discussion

1:45-3:00 Concurrent Sessions

New Mexico Room Ancestors and Spirit in the Land

1:45-2:05 Sandra Easter, Ancestors in the Land
2:05-2:25 Barbara Helen Miller, Exploring Encounters
2:25-2:45 Geoffrey Berry, The Ecomythic Paradigm—human psyche working in relation with the earth
2:45-3:00 Discussion

Santa Fe Room Education: Nature, Shamanic Personality, and Community Dreamwork re Racism

1:45-2:05 >Robert Mitchell, Nature and Spirit in Holistic Education: The Jungian Dilemma
2:05-2:25 >Randy Morris, Educating the Shamanic Personality in Thomas Berry and C.G. Jung
2:25-2:45 >Matthew Silverstein, Going Black: Dreaming Depth Psychology Forward
2:45-3:00 Discussion

Stiha Room Encounters with Nature

1:45-2:05 Jo Pierson, Life and Death: Hunting as Threshold Experience Between Earth and Psyche
2:05-2:25 Susan E. Schwartz, Encountering Wild Dog Pups
2:25-2:45 Chantel Thurman, Fresh Sign, Ancient Trails: Exploring the Entangled Bank of Consciousness
2:45-3:00 Discussion

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-3:55 Plenary Speaker in the New Mexico Room

3:15-3:45 Rinda West Myth(s), Ritual(s), and Healing for the Earth

3:45-3:55 Discussion

4:00-5:30 Workshops

New Mexico Room Sue Shaffer, Healing Psyche, Healing Earth: An Exploration Using Psychodrama
Santa Fe Room >Peter Dunlap, Learning how to gather together to become the people called for by our time

5:30-7:00 Dinner

7:00-9:00 Evening Plenary in the New Mexico Room

Inscape and Landscape: Audio-visual Presentation in Response to Olivier Messiaen’s Des Canyons aux Étoiles

7:00-7:05 Introduction

7:05-8:05 Deborah O’Grady

8:05-8:40 Patricia Damery

8:40-9:00 Discussion

Wednesday, June 29th

8:10-8:20Announcements in the New Mexico Room

8:20-10:25 New Mexico Room Philosophical/Religious Perspectives

8:20-8:40 Greg Mahr, Jung, Panpsychism and de Chardin
8:40-9:00 Jonathan Whittle-Utter, Care for the Earth as Archetypal Emergence in the Christian Tradition
9:00-9:20 Leanne Whitney, Psychophysical Being and Its Source: A Reconsideration of Jung’s Ontic Reality
9:20-9:40 Marie-Madeleine Stey, Our Mother Earth
9:40-10:00 Nanette Walsh, Practical Divination for Ecologically Troubled Times
10:00-10:25 Discussion

Break 10:25-10:45

10:45-12:00 Concurrent Sessions

New Mexico Room Psychological Impacts of Place

10:45-11:05 Guy Dargert, A Psychology of Place
11:05-11:25 Cynthia Anne Hale, Earth and Psyche in The Red Place
11:25-11:45 Enrique Giraldo, Earth as Place: linking Psyche and Earth in the City
11:45-12:00 Discussion

Santa Fe Room Poetic Recording of Experience

10:45-11:05 Clara Oropeza, Following Psyche and Tending Community: The Eco-Minded Diary Writing of Anaïs Nin
11:05-11:25 Lisa Pounders, The Loneliest Road in America”: A Poetic Inquiry into the Role of Art in Earth’s Relation to Psyche
11:25-11:45 Michael Glock, The Modern Martian in Search of a Soul
11:45-12:00 Discussion

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:40 Plenary Speaker in the New Mexico Room

1:00-1:30 Luke Hockley “Song of Ceylon

1:30-1:40 Discussion

1:40-2:55 New Mexico Room Images and Artists

1:40-2:00 Marilyn DeMario, Independent Spirits: Finding your Landscape Even as Your Landscape Finds You
2:00-2:20 Susan Wyatt, Emi Wada: Psyche in the Making
2:20-2:40 Dennis Pottenger, Lone Mountain from the Orphan Asylum: Image, Earth, and the Death of Carleton Watkins
2:40-2:55 Discussion

2:55-3:10 Break

3:10-4:00 New Mexico Room Art as Healer and Unifier

3:10-3:30 Victoria C. Drake, Multitude: Solitude—Exploring Alchemical Constellations of the Artistic Process as Hermetic Mediator between Earth and Psyche
3:30-3:50 Matthew Fike, The Unus Mundus in Two Late Novels by Laurens van der Post
3:50-4:00 Discussion

4:00-4:50 New Mexico Room Somatic and Psychic Imagination

4:00-4:20 Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson, Awakening the Somatic Imagination in a Wounded World
4:20-4:40 Ciuin Doherty, Imagination: A Portal to Personal and Planetary Individuation
4:40-4:50 Discussion

4:50-5:30 Plenary Speaker in the New Mexico Room

4:50-5:20 Jean Lall, Elemental Earth, from Empedocles to Bachelard and Jung

5:20-5:30 Discussion

6:00-7:00 Reception on La Terraza

7:00-10:00 Dinner with poems by Joel Weishaus on La Terraza

Thursday, June 30th

9:00-11:00 (am) JSSS Board Meeting in the Stiha Room

Interested attendees invited

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